Xcode 5 adding a project dependancy issue

After upgrading to XCode 5, I can no longer add project dependancies to an XCode project. Projects created with XCode 4 preserve the dependancies but don't accept new dependancies. Projects created with XCode 5 don't accept new dependancies at all. And because an image is worth a thousand words...

This is what happens when I have done drag and drop a Child Project to the Parent Project:

As you can see the Child Project is added but it doesn't link to the parent. If I click on it, it displays a blank content, like it can find no more.

Any ideas why is this happening?



Xcode has (AFAIK) always done this when the child project is also open in its own window.

Close both projects, then re-open the parent. The child project should (hopefully) show up as expected!

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