How to get application version using libgdx/robovm

I have some questions about getting the version of application developed on top of libgdx (and also on robovm for ios)

I want to get the version information

  1. That is declared in android:versionName tag of AndroidManifest.xml for Android
  2. That is declared in app.version key of for IOS. (Which, I believe, is eventually replaced for value of CFBundleShortVersionString key in Info.plist.xml)

My first question is, does libgdx provide a platform independent method for getting app version? (I could not find any)

If not I found an answer to get app version on android, that's OK. Found same answer for IOS but in a native way. How can I do same thing using robovm backend?


I don't think libgdx provides a platform independent way to do this. Here's how to get the CFBundleShortVersionString value for your app using RoboVM's CocoaTouch bindings:

NSDictionary infoDictionary = NSBundle.getMainBundle().getInfoDictionary();
String version = infoDictionary.get(new NSString("CFBundleShortVersionString")).toString();

You can use the same method to get CFBundleVersion etc from your app's Info.plist file.

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