HTML Table to CSV (inc. Headers and footers) - PHP

I was surfing around the net looking for a way to do this in PHP when I came across this piece of code:

    preg_match('/<table(>| [^>]*>)(.*?)<\/table( |>)/is',$this->raw('./'),$b);
    $table = $b[2];
    preg_match_all('/<tr(>| [^>]*>)(.*?)<\/tr( |>)/is',$table,$b);
    $rows = $b[2];
    foreach ($rows as $row){
        preg_match_all('/<td(>| [^>]*>)(.*?)<\/td( |>)/is',$row,$b);
        $out[] = strip_tags(implode(',',$b[2]));
    $out = implode("\n", $out);

It does what I want accept for two things, multiple headers and footer are missing from the example as it is designed to work with basic tables. Now I am horrible at Rejex and I am curious if some one could help me out in adding or explaining what the process for adding the headers of a table (this table will have three headers) and the footer (one footer).

the $this->raw('./') is the actual HTML table to be converted to csv. So far this only converts everything that's not a header and a footer, which is great, cept' I am missing the other components.


Rather than using preg_match use DOMDocument and DOMXPath.

$domdoc = new DOMDocument();

$xpath = new DOMXPath($docdoc);

foreach($xpath->query('//tr') as $tr) {
 // etc

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