Form validation: only one validator of the chain should check against empty/null values, the rest of the validators should not

I have this id_role input that validates dependent on value of another input internet_access. id_role's Validator Chain have one Callback validator that must check against empty/null values, others validators from this chain must check against filled values only.

I already made possible checking against empty/null values by $id_role->setContinueIfEmpty(true) but this applies to every validator in the chain. I need it to apply to only Callback validator of the chain.

This is the actual id_role input:

$id_role = new Input('id_role');
$id_role->setContinueIfEmpty(true); //this allows to check against empty/null values

        ->attach(new Validator\Callback(function($value, $context=array()){
            return isset($context['internet_access']) && $context['internet_access'] == 1 && $value === 0 ? false : true;
        ->attach(new Validator\Db\RecordExists(...);

So my problem is that Callback validator works fine but it fails on DbRecordExists because it tries to find a record that is empty. DbRecordExists must try to find a record only when id_role is actually filled.

Is there a way to do what i want in a elegant way (inside Input Filter and/or Input)?


The second parameter of ValidatorChain::attach method is $breakChainOnFailure, default value is false.

Check out docs at

You should modify your code as:

        new Validator\Callback(
            function($value, $context=array()){
                return isset($context['internet_access']) && $context['internet_access'] == 1 && $value === 0 ? false : true;
        true //$breakChainOnFailure
    ->attach(new Validator\Db\RecordExists(....));

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