Is common control 6 supported in MBCS applications?

I have a MBCS (multibyte characters) MFC application, I have removed #ifdefs from stdafx.h file and now my MBCS app uses common control 6. in internet I have found many articls where users said that some of common control 6 controls have problems in MBCS apps (CMFCLinkControl CListView CMFCButton...) but I could't find some microsoft article that common control 6 is not supported in MBCS application, or the list of contols that have problems with non Unicode app, is there any article by microsoft ?


There is no support for MBCS in ComCtl32.dll version 6. MBCS applications mostly still work due to a compatibility loophole. If you cannot convert your application to Unicode, use version 5.

Unless you intend to support Windows 98, or Windows ME - and that is not a suggestion - my advice is this:

  • Build the next version of your application as a UNICODE application.
  • Put all your effort there.
  • Put none of your effort into fixing MBCS issues.

Nobody should be writing a new application for windows except in Unicode. Not since Windows ME and Windows98 went end-of-life.

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