resize UITableViewCell textLabel

I have a UITableViewCell that I would like to add a view to the right (in addition to the accessory view). I tried setting the size of textLabel to be a few pixels narrower but it just resizes it back.

Is there any way to resize textLabel?


The object referenced by the default textLabel property, in UITableViewCell instances of type UITableViewCellStyleDefault, cannot be resized, at least not in my experience. The best idea in these cases is to create your own subclass of UITableViewCell, in code or even with Interface Builder if you want, and give it the layout that you want.

Actually it CAN be resized if you create an UITableViewCell subclass and override the layoutSubviews method:

- (void)layoutSubviews {
[super layoutSubviews];  //The default implementation of the layoutSubviews

CGRect textLabelFrame = self.textLabel.frame;
textLabelFrame.size.width = _textLabelMaxWidth;
self.textLabel.frame = textLabelFrame;

Hope it helps.

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