How to set the data of WinJS.UI.Repeater control in JS code?

I'm developing a Windows Store Application using JavaScript.

How to set the data of WinJS.UI.Repeater control in JS code? It's a very easy question but I don't know how to do. This is my HTML:

<div id="imgRepeater" data-win-control="WinJS.UI.Repeater">
   <img data-win-bind="src: src" />

This is my JS code:

WinJS.UI.Pages.define("/pages/itemDetail/itemDetail.html", {
    ready: function (element, options) {
        var imgSrcArr = 
           { src: '/img/a.jpg' }
        var imgRepeater = element.querySelector("#imgRepeater");            = new WinJS.Binding.List(imgSrcArr);

However, no item shows in the repeater div.

What's wrong with the code?

BTW: I don't like the following code:

<div data-win-control="WinJS.UI.Repeater" data-win-options="{data: Data.items}"> 

It seems to use a global variable 'Data.items'.


I solved it by myself, the last line should be: = new WinJS.Binding.List(imgSrcArr);

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