Stopping a Javascript setInterval that is delayed by a setTimeout

I'm having issue with this jsfiddle snippet:

var mainFunction = function() {

var repeatEvery = function(func, interval) {

    var now = new Date();
    var delay = interval - now % interval;

    function start() {
        var intervalID = setInterval(func, interval);

    setTimeout(start, delay);


mainFunction.prototype.start = function(printText) {
    this.text = printText;
    var self = this;

    var func = function(intervalID) {
            this.repeater = intervalID;
        document.getElementById('test').innerHTML += this.text + '<br/>';

    repeatEvery(_.bind(func, this),1000);

mainFunction.prototype.stop = function() {

var test = new mainFunction();


My goal is to call the stop function and stop the Interval that has been set by the start function.


You need to do

setTimeout(function(){ test.stop()}, 10000)


setTimeout(test.stop.bind(test), 10000); //Bind method is not available in IE8 though

instead of

 setTimeout(test.stop, 10000);

The reason for this is that Javascript loses track of the "this" when you pass a callback to a function.

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