matlab padding fft changing frequencies

I'm trying to compare Matlab fft of a cosinus with two different zero padding. I thought that it wouldn't change the frequency response but when I superimpose the two curves, the frequencies are not the same. I suppose that there is something wrong with the way I do my two fft?

Fe = 8000;
F = 1680;
w = 2*pi*F;
N = 50;
P = 50;
T = 1/Fe;
t = (0:T:P*T);

x = real(exp(i*w*t))
x_reduced = x(1:P)

X = fft(x_reduced,N)
N = 1000;
Y = fft(x_reduced,N)

hold on

Thanks in advance


hold on

You may need to align the frequencies of both cases.

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