Error “The syntax of the command is incorrect” when renaming a file

I get this error on this step of my SQL 2005 process:

rename "G:\AuthorsList\AuthorsList_New.mdb""G:\AuthorsList\AuthorsListCopy.mdb"

I am trying to rename the file. I have also tried this and get the same error:

rename "G:\AuthorsList\AuthorsList_New.mdb" "G:\AuthorsList\AuthorsListCopy.mdb"

How do I resolve this error?


Check the documentation for the rename command:

Syntax rename [Drive:][Path]filename1 filename2

Parameters [Drive:][Path]filename1: Specifies the location and name of the file or set of files you want to rename. filename2: Specifies the new name for the file. If you use wildcards (* and ?), filename2 specifies the new names for the files. You cannot specify a new drive or path when renaming files.

The second parameter cannot be a path, it should contain only the new filename:

rename "G:\AuthorsList\AuthorsList_New.mdb" AuthorsListCopy.mdb

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