Add ssh fingerprint to known_hosts without actually ssh'ing into machine

I am setting up a multi-node hadoop cluster. As a part of this process I need to have all the nodes be able to ssh into each other (this is needed for other parts of the hadoop ecosystem).

I end up having to ssh into each node, then exit, then ssh into the next one, then exit, etc. Then repeat this on each node. Is there a way to do this faster?

Right now I am doing ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no which is better than having to type yes every time, but not ideal.

I'd prefer something like:

[command] localhost

That way I could just throw all the IP's in a script and run the script on every node and save myself a huge chunk of time and tedium.

Any thoughts?


Quite the trend of answering my own questions -

Here's something that works for me: I found you can pass commands with ssh in the format

ssh $host 'command1; command2; command3'

so I am just passing

ssh $host 'exit'

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