reply with template in outlook 2010

As a continuous proces to improve our customer service at our helpdesk I'm looking to integrate a functionality in our outlook so that we can reply to existing e-mails using outlook template's (.oft).

My search online mostly gave me results for auto-reply'ing. However this is not what I (we) need.

We are in need for a tool that enables us to select from a list of standard templates (with subject oriented reply's). Gives a solution in the right direction, however, as with any company, we would like a free tool.

Is this programmable in VBA? And if so, how?

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Here is one small, untested, VBA sample based on

Sub CreateReplyFromTemplate() 

dim currItem  As Outlook.MailItem 
dim currItemReply  As Outlook.MailItem 
Dim MyItem As Outlook.MailItem 

set currItem = activeinspector.currentitem
Set curritemReply = currItem.Reply
Set MyItem = Application.CreateItemFromTemplate("C:\HelpTopic1.oft") 

MyItem.To = currItemReply.To
MyItem.htmlbody = MyItem.htmlbody  & currItemReply.htmlbody

currItemReply.close oldiscard
currItem.close  oldiscard


set curritemReply = nothing
set MyItem = nothing
set currItem = nothing
End Sub

For ways of deploying the VbaProject.OTM file or see if this works VbaProject.OTM deployment

Alternatively, the free version is built into Outlook.

Reply with a message template via Quick Steps -

Working with message templates -

If training for this is available, the cost of one day of training for each person could be $300.00 or more.

Of course you can do that in VBA, but would you really want to? You can buy 10 licenses of that tool for $99.50. I don't know where you work, but at most software companies $99.50 will buy you about an hour worth of programmer's time (benefits included). You probably could have bought 1 license if you saved the time it took you to post this question.

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