C++ cannot convert 'type' to 'type*'

getting this error in my code error: cannot convert 'Aircrafts' to 'Aircrafts*'

All I am trying to do is add a class record into a vector.

it is a c++ code and using -ansi -Wall -pedantic

it is bit annoying me. Hope somebody can help. Here is my code:

error is given for this line temp_aircraft = Aircrafts("Scenic", "Piper Arrow", 3, 120, 0, 0);

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <vector>
#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

class Aircrafts
      string category;
      string aircraft;


      Aircrafts () { 
         category = "";
         aircraft = "";         

      Aircrafts (string f_cat, string airc) {
         category = f_cat;
         aircraft = airc;

void main()

   vector <Aircrafts> aircraft_list;

   Aircrafts *temp_aircraft;

   temp_aircraft = new Aircrafts;
   temp_aircraft = Aircrafts("Abc", "Xyz");


To fix the error in levels of indirection, you can replace

temp_aircraft = new Aircrafts;
temp_aircraft = Aircrafts("Abc", "Xyz");


temp_aircraft = new Aircrafts("Abc", "Xyz");

That's the correct syntax for calling a constructor with parameters. However, this creates a memory leak.

You do not need new there at all - you can do everything on a single line without using a temp_aircraft pointer:

aircraft_list.push_back(Aircrafts("Abc", "Xyz"));

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