Jquery Flot Chart timeseries option in reverse chronological

Does anybody know how to use the Flot timeseries in a reverse chronological way, to show the latest dates first? I've been ting to search for an option but couldn't find one in the API. Here is my code

var plot = $.plot("#placeholder1", [data], {
        series: {
                lines: { 
                    show: true, 
                    fill: 0.1
                points: { show: true, 
                    fill: 0.05 }
            mode: "time",
            minTickSize: [1, "day"],
        grid: {             
            backgroundColor: { colors: [ "#fff", "#fff" ] },
            borderColor: "#ccc",
            borderWidth: {
                top: 1,
                right: 1,
                bottom: 1,
                left: 1
            hoverable: true,
            clickable: true,
            markings: weekendAreas
        legend: {
            labelBoxBorderColor: "#fff",
            position: "ne",
            margin: [0, 0]              


You can do this with an xaxis transform function:

    xaxis: {    
        mode: "time",
        minTickSize: [1, "day"],
        ticks: 7,
        transform: function (v) { return -v; }, // run it backwards
        inverseTransform: function (v) { return -v; }

Here's a fiddle.

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