Ruby redefine "and" keyword in class?

Is it possible to redefine keywords like and in ruby? I have some DSL code like this:

rule condition and another_condition do

I would like and to just be another ruby method inside my class just like condition and another_condition. Is this possible?


Keywords like like and and or cannot be overloaded (overridden).

This article explains operator overloading and specifies what operators cannot be overridden:

At the end of the article it states:

You cannot override keywords, such as "or", nor can you override:
&& & || | () {} :: . ~ .. ...


As Jörg W Mittag pointed out, that's wrong. and, or, && and || are the only operators that cannot be overridden. not can be overridden via !.

It is not supported by language.

But you can always try utils like this one.

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