Polygon Collision Testing / Polygon Overlap Test in C# - Not Point in Polygon

I am testing to determine if two polygons overlap. I have developed a first version which does a simple point in polygon test (Fig 1). However I am looking to revamp that method to deal with situations where no vertices of polygon A are in polygon B but their line segments overlap (Fig B).

Any help getting started would be greatly appreciated.


Here is an example with using Region:

  GraphicsPath grp = new GraphicsPath();

  // Create an open figure
  grp.AddLine(10, 10, 10, 50); // a of polygon
  grp.AddLine(10, 50, 50, 50); // b of polygon
  grp.CloseFigure();           // close polygon

  // Create a Region regarding to grp
  Region reg = new Region(grp);

Now you can use the Method Region.IsVisible to determine whether the region is in an Rectangle or Point.

The solution:

I modified some code found here.

private Region FindIntersections(List<PolyRegion> regions)
    if (regions.Count < 1) return null;

    Region region = new Region();
    for (int i = 0; i < regions.Count; i++)
        using (GraphicsPath path = new GraphicsPath())
            path.AddPath(regions[i].Path, false);

    return region;

The result:

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