What is a quick way to run a single script to automatically install missing modules using only Perl core?

I inherited a project which is supposed to be able to be deployed to other servers. This project has a number of simple module dependencies which however might not be present on all target machines.

As such I'd like to be able to run a single command line script that checks which Perl modules are installed and tries to automatically install missing ones via CPAN.

Since this should be very basic (i.e. needing to install stuff to run the module installer would defeat the point) said script should only use Perl 5.8.8 core modules.

Does something like that exist already or would i need to write it myself?


Creating a Bundle package is one possible answer.

You can then look at something like CPAN::Shell (see CPAN module) to automate the process.


Update re: brian's comment about Task:: - Here are some pertinent links:

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