How do I programmatically save a document in

I'd like to save a TextDocument created through UNO to a file on the disk. What is the best way to do this?

Edit: This is the C# code that I ended up using. document is an XTextDocument.

protected void Save (string path)
    string url = "file://" + path;
    PropertyValue [] propertyValues = {
        new PropertyValue {
            Name = "FilterName",
            Value = new Any ("writer8")
    ((XStorable) document).storeAsURL (url, propertyValues);


Use XStorable.storeToURL() (or storeAsURL).

Edit: You need to pass a FilterName with the output format. Example (in Python 'cause that's simpler):

properties = ( PropertyValue('FilterName', 0, 'writer8', 0), )
document.storeToURL('file:///path/to/document.odt', properties)

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