what are common username and password policy

Edit Jan 18th 2010,

Is there any symbol that should NOT be allowed to use in a password?



I am wondering what 'common' policy out there for username/password for creating a new account on a website.

This is currently what I have:

===========For username ================== Length between 6 and 20 characters Spaces are not allowed Usernames are case sensitive

can contain lettlers, numbers, and symbols

* Uppercase letter (A-Z)
* Lowercase letter (a-z)
* Digit (0-9) 

can not change after registration

===========For Password============= 6-20 chars long can contain lettlers, numbers, and symbols

* Uppercase letter (A-Z)
* Lowercase letter (a-z)
* Digit (0-9)
* Special character (~`!@#$%^&*()+=_-{}[]\|:;”’?/<>,.) 

password is encrypted in the database password can be sent to the email address when requested



For username you can make it case sensitive but I probably wouldn't allow 'similar' matches. For example it would be annoying to have these usernames on the site as all difference account: Luigi LUIGI luIgI LUigi

It could lead to griefing (people using similar account names to mock/harass someone). And it will just be confusing. And it causes problems when you have similar characters ilike l I i 0 o O.

I would rather use an email address as a username though since they will remember it. It is annoying having different usernames for lots of different sites. Email addresses are guaranteed to be unique :)

The password restrictions seem fine. As for that it is just a matter of how strong you want to force their passwords to be. Although, I would not send passwords through email. Email is insecure and the reset password method is preferred here.

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