javascript framework for JSON communication and DOM manipulation?

I am java developer, (using Spring-MVC) never worked much on javascript, But I would love to have ajax features like auto-complete, ajax-form-validation, 'server-backed-pagination for catalog (or grid)' in my applications.. And there are lot of frameworks like Dojo, prototype, YUI, jquery, etc. etc. so My question is.. which framework is best suited for my requirements?


  1. lightweight
  2. minimal learning curve
  3. application will return JSON
  4. need to do auto-complete, ajax-form-validation, rating

Cheers, :)


The JS Framework that's the most popular nowadays (which means it's easier to get support) is probably jQuery -- and it should be OK for what you need, I'd say.

There's documentation available on the official website :

And, of course, there are lots of people that will probably be able to help you here, on StackOverflow, if you're having difficulties -- jQuery being the 8th most used tag on SO.

And you might also want to take a look at :

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