EF6 Fluent API Mapping to a compound key

In the following Code I am trying to tell Code First that SupplyPointServiceSubscriptions will hold 2 foreign keys. One to SupplyPoint and one to SupplyPointService.

I get error at line with *

// Blue line under e.SupplyPoint, error : // Error 3 'AscendancyCF.Models.SupplyPointServiceSubscription' // does not contain a definition for 'SupplyPoint' // and no extension method 'SupplyPoint' accepting a first argument of // type 'AscendancyCF.Models.SupplyPointServiceSubscr.....

public class SupplyPointServiceSubscription
    int SupplyPointServiceSubscriptionId { get; set; }
    int? SupplyPointId { get; set; }
    int? SupplyPointServiceId { get; set; }
    DateTime SupplyPointServiceSubscriptionEffecetiveDateTime { get; set; }

    public virtual ICollection<SupplyPoint> SupplyPoints { get; set; }

    public virtual ICollection<SupplyPointService> SupplyPointServices { get; set; }


class SupplyPointServiceSubscriptionConfiguration : EntityTypeConfiguration<SupplyPointServiceSubscription>
    public SupplyPointServiceSubscriptionConfiguration()

        HasOptional(e => e.SupplyPoint).WithMany(e => e.SupplyPoints) // *
             .HasForeignKey(e => e.SupplyPointId);
        HasOptional(e => e.SupplyPointService).WithMany(e => e.SupplyPointServices) // * and here
             .HasForeignKey(e => e.SupplyPointServiceId);


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