How to get String after a certain character using pattern matching?

String tect = "A to B";
Pattern ptrn = Pattern.compile("\\b(A.*)\\b");
Matcher mtchr = ptrn.matcher(tr.text()); 
while(mtchr.find()) {
    System.out.println( );

I am getting output A to B but I want to B.

Please help me.


You can just place the A outside of your capturing group.

String s  = "A to B";
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("A *(.*)");
Matcher m = p.matcher(s);
while (m.find()) {
  System.out.println(; // "to B"

You could also split the string.

String s = "A to B";
String[] parts = s.split("A *");
System.out.println(parts[1]); // "to B"

Change your pattern to use look-behind possitive assertion checking for A:

Pattern ptrn = Pattern.compile("(?<=A)(.*)");

You can do it in one line:

String afterA = str.replaceAll(".*?A *", ""),

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