Can I have more than 4 players on a GameCenter game?

I am fiddling around with making a simple multiplayer game using Game Center. I am using Apple's code. I just changed the number of max players to 5 instead of 2:

- (void)hostMatch:(id)sender
GKMatchRequest *request = [[GKMatchRequest alloc] init];
request.minPlayers = 2;
request.maxPlayers = 5;

GKMatchmakerViewController *mmvc = [[GKMatchmakerViewController alloc] initWithMatchRequest:request];
mmvc.matchmakerDelegate = self;

[self presentViewController:mmvc animated:YES completion:nil];

When I have request.maxPlayers equal to 2-4 it works fine, but once I go over 5 it gives me this error:

The requested operation could not be completed because the match request is invalid.

Has anyone figured out a solution to this?


It all depends to the type of the game you are creating. The below table is from apple doc's:

Table 7-3

Maximum number of players for each kind of match

Match Type. Maximum Number of Players

Peer-to-Peer 4

Hosted. 16

Turn-based. 16

Here is the link for further study:

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