Mysql condition not working

this is my query for getting order total for particular date. Here I can't get proper result when using AND (tos.status!='5' or tos.status!='6'). what is the problem in this?

SELECT sum( as total 
FROM orders_totals tot, orders tos 
WHERE DATE(tos.`timestamp`) BETWEEN '2013-12-09' AND '2013-12-09' and 
      tot.`order` = and tot.description='Grand-Total' AND 
     (tos.status!='5' or tos.status!='6')


Try this:

SELECT sum( as total 
FROM orders_totals tot
INNER JOIN orders tos ON tot.`order` =
WHERE DATE(tos.`timestamp`) BETWEEN '2013-12-09' AND '2013-12-09' and 
      tot.description='Grand-Total' AND tos.status NOT IN (5, 6)

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