solr facet counts not correct with stats and group option

I am using solr search for products-search on our webpage. Since now , all works fine. But while implementing a price slider, to filter actual results by pricerange, I stuck with the following issue:

There is no way to exclude filters for the stats option, same way as it is possible on facets. I use stats for getting the overall min- and max-price, no matter what price range is selected (on the slider) and which category is selected on actual search.

So best way to get this values is to exclude the range-filter on stats select, otherwise there will be max- and min-price just for the actual (ranged) result.

exclude a filter on facets (works on solr 4.4):


But using this for stats is not possible (see

So then I tried using a group select as suggested on that called page. my solr call looks like this:

stats.field=maxPrice&stats.field=vat&group=true&group.query=minPrice:[* TO 20]
maxPrice:[0 TO *]&group.main=true

All fine. I get the correct stats result and the correct result-count having applied the pricerange-filter. .... EXCEPT the problem, that the facet counts now were wrong, as I did not apply the price range filter.

I know there is a group.facet option, as I also tried. But using that group.facet I need to use a group.field on which the results are based on. In my opinion, usually I need to use the price-field as group.field (group.field=price).

But we do have two price fields on our products (min and max-price). I tried to set them both as group.field parameter, but still get the wrong facet-counts.

It looks like I am just a small step away from the correct solution, but I dont get it.

Any help would be fine.


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