SQL-server good way to create Dictionary table

Anyway to create Dictionary database in SQLserver that consist word and definition and word type (Verb,Noun,etc.)

Just contain all data in one table or do something like hash-table

table A contain only word that start with 'A' table B contain only word that start with 'B'

Thank i'm very new in Database


All in one table, always. Never ever design a database where one needs to dynamically name objects ('to lookup key 'foo', use 'table6522'). Dynamic naming is a recipe for disaster, performance wise and development wise, and you'll just self-inflict a lot of pain when it comes to use tools.

If you must partition the table, SQL Server already has partitioning, but this does not apply to you case (hint, unless you are a DBA designing an ETL pipeline with fast partition switching, partitioning is never an answer). See SQL Server Partitioning: Not the Best Practices for Everything for more details.

A good way to design any table in SQL Server is to choose a correct clustered index and add appropriate indexes for you specific workload. The design is driven by how you are going to query the table. Read carefully SQL Server Index Design Guide. When you're done, read it again. Then again. Repeat this for the next 4-5 days until you really grok what's being said there.

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