Using php variable in href html links

here is what i am trying to do

 echo  '<div><h3>click on</h3><a href='.$store.'>host</a></p></div>';

what it output is

instead it should use as link and output need to be host.

try for sometime to do it my own but havn't achieved any success.


I am agree with the Answer of Ma'moon and it is right.

Php code does not work inside the single quotes ' ', so its required to place code inside the double quotes " ".

You can also use following method instead ↓

echo  "<div><h3>click on</h3><a href='$store'>host</a></p></div>";

This code will help you out:

echo  '<div><h3>click on</h3><a href="'.$store.'">host</a></p></div>';

Note the double quotes (") between the string concatenation (') this is needed by the browser to make render the proper href element.

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