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You can use TrimStart() function to Trim the all inital Zero's

Try This:

           String str1 = "00000000000000000000523";

If you are always going to remove the 0's from the start:

String s = "0000000005875784".TrimStart(new Char[] { '0' } );

Try this:

string oldValue = "00000000000000000000523";
string value = oldValue.TrimStart('0');

This will remove all leading 0s leaving you with the desired value.

Use a Dictionary dict. Each entry will be added to the dictionary with key = original string, value = Int.TryParse(originalString.TrimStart('0'), out parsedInt).

Then You can sort by the value easily.

First of All your question is not very clear but to my understanding you want to get values out by ignoring Zeros. This is what I would do:

use: .replace("0","");, and then use indexOf()

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