Where do I locate Java Servlet container

I have installed JRE and now I'm trying to install Solr by following the Solr Reference Guide.

The guide dictates:

  1. Stop your Java servlet container.
  2. Copy the solr.war file from the Solr distribution to the webapps directory of your servlet container...

  3. Start your servlet container, passing to it the location of your Solr Home in one of these ways:

  • Set the Java system property solr.solr.home to your Solr Home. (for example, using the example jetty setup: java -Dsolr.solr.home=/some/dir -jar start.jar).
  • Configure the servlet container so that a JNDI lookup of java:comp/env/solr/home by the Solr webapp will point to your Solr Home.
  • Start the servlet container in the directory containing ./solr: the default Solr Home is solr under the JVM's current working directory ($CWD/solr).


  1. Where do I find this Java Servlet container?
  2. Where/how do I execute those commands to start/stop/configure the Java Servlet container?
  3. How do I set Java system properties?


Mine was quite straight forward. After downloading the file, I extracted it to a folder on my Server. I used the Command Line to complete the installation. With the Command line, navigate to the example folder inside the solr-X.XX.X folder you extracted the file to, once there run the java command:

cd C:/<folder>/app/solr-X.XX.X/example
    java -jar start.jar

It would perform the installation for you, like magic. You can access SOLR by visiting localhost:8983/solr

I'm using a Windows Server though, it may be different on yours, but I guess the logic is the same.

You should to install Apache Tomcat. All information about these servers you can find here. You also could to install Jetty, JBoss, vSphere, tc vFabric Server ... but I think that you'll setup tomcat and solr easier (it is mine personal opinion, if you are familiar with any one, use them of course).

Tomcat setup is described here.

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