IBM Worklight - How to retrieve an already-deployed .wlapp file?

I have an already running Worklight application. We are planning to move to another production cluster tomorrow but I want to get the old .wlapp that is already deployed on the first cluster.

How can I get it? I could find a directory on the temp file of the WebSphere application server, but it is in an exploded form. When I zipped one of them and converted it to .wlapp, while the deployment was successfull, I had a Direct Update and the application failed to start...

Is it the right path?


When you build your application in Worklight Studio, the build produces .wlapp files and stores them in the yourProject\bin folder, these files do not get deleted from the bin folder unless you've manually deleted them.

  • appname-envname-version.wlapp
  • appname-common-version.wlapp
  • appname-all.wlapp

Where the version value changes depending on the value you've set in yourProject\yourApp\application-descriptor.xml.

A good practice would be to backup your artifacts of different versions as well as project source code (using a source control system...), so you could always restore any version... esp. if you're talking about already being in Production....

After deployment, the .wlapp file is not stored in the filesystem, but in the database.

So as for retrieving previously deployed .wlapp files if you do not have backup (this is very bad, BTW), these are stored in your database in the APP_SYNC_DATA table in the deployable column. You can try to extract and save the APP_SYNC_DATA.deployable data relevant for you as a .wlapp file.

But this really does not guarantee that it will "work" any better than your other attempt. That .wlapp is configured to work with certain server URLs, and if this new cluster is not a replica of the previous cluster, I don't see this working either... But also, without knowing more about the errors you get, who knows to what they are related (but this is NOT for this question).

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