It load values with javascript

I have a web app and about a table I push in a raw to obtain its values, then I have to show it on a popup. The values that I recover are "input type=Date" and they are also "Select". When I try to show those datas on this popup in its corresponding component, I don´t know like make it. The values in the table are like this:

For example: I´m making with javascript this, and I want to load the values of the table in its component

<input id="warranty" type="date"/>

<select id="manufacturer" >
    <option value=""></option>
    <option value="windows">Windows</option>
    <option value="mac">Mac</option>
    <option value="linux">Linux</option>
    <option value="otro">Otro</option>

My javascript code is like this:

cutString = $(this).text().split ("\n");
document.getElementById("manufacturer").value = cutString[8].toString().trim();

But when I load the datas in popup it doesn´t load


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