How to find closest table jQuery

I am trying to get the closest table when I search for a value.

This is my code but I always get 'undefined'.

jQuery :

 $(function() {
     $("#searchValue").keyup(function() {


<input type='text' name='searchValue' id='searchValue'/>

<table id='tablePlanning' class='tablesorter'>
            <th>PR Code</th>
            <th>Project status</th>
            <th>Project Leader</th>
            <th>Account manager</th>
            <th>Start Datum</th>



Try to use .next() to find the following table (at the same DOM level) instead :

$(function() {
   $("#searchValue").keyup(function() {

.closest() is to find the first parent of the element.

But since your table has an id, you should use it (I hope you don't have several tables with the id #tablePlanning otherwise, you should use a classname.

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