Reading and writing files in Haskell

So i've got two files with the following content:

File 1:
    Tom 965432145  
    Bill 932121234

File 2:
      Steve 923432323  
      Tom 933232323

and i want two merge this two files into one file, and write that out as 'out.txt'. i wrote this function to deal with duplicates (when the same name appears more than once, it choses what number goes into the final file).

the function is called choosing:

choosing :: [String] −> Int −> Int −> Int
choosing ("Name_of_person":_) num1 _ = num1 choosing _ num1 num2
        | num2 ‘div‘ 100000000 == 2 = num2
        | otherwise = num1

My idea was to read the files as tuples, like this:

[(name, phone number),(name,phone number)], so that becomes easier to compare each name and call the function to decide which number goes into the final file. Is this a good idea ? how can i do this ?


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