start windows service automatically after installation

I have a windows service app written in c# and am trying to start it right after installation. The service installs fine and gives no errors or exceptions, but when I open task manager and check my services after installation the status is "stopped". I can right click and start the service and it works fine. I know the the commit occurs after all the installers. I've followed several examples on stack overflow and it still will not start.

Here is a small glimpse of my code, any ideas how to get it to start automatically after installing?

  public example_project()
        var processInstaller = new ServiceProcessInstaller();
        var serviceInstaller = new ServiceInstaller();

        //set the privileges
        processInstaller.Account = ServiceAccount.LocalSystem;
        processInstaller.Username = null;
        processInstaller.Password = null;

        //service properties
        serviceInstaller.DisplayName = "example project";
        serviceInstaller.StartType = ServiceStartMode.Automatic;
        serviceInstaller.ServiceName = "example project";


        //update appconfig
        Console.WriteLine("Please enter the directory path of the of the target folder . . .");
        string target = Console.ReadLine();
        Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(Application.ExecutablePath);
        config.AppSettings.Settings.Add("target_directory", target);

        this.AfterInstall += new InstallEventHandler(ServiceInstaller_AfterInstall);

     void ServiceInstaller_AfterInstall(object sender, InstallEventArgs e)
        using (ServiceController controller = new ServiceController("example project"))


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