Why can't I run a c# console application in debug mode? (MonoDevelop Issue?)

Apologies if this is not the right place but I'm tearing my hair out here..

I had a solution, then I added a new 'c# console project' through the Add>Add New Project.. option in the solutions context menu.

I can build fine and I can right click on the console project and select 'Run Item' and it works fine. But what I really want to work is the debugger! However, as you can see, 'Start Debugging Item' remains greyed out:

Using the fancy new Debug/Release play button at the top doesn't help, no matter which mode I just get this:

I went looking for other configuration options and found that the defaults look just like i'd expect/want?

I also restarted the program, created some other new solutions but no difference.. Any ideas?


Because you are running monodevelop that shipped with Unity not the one from Xamarin

Default PATH for Unity C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\MonoDevelop

Default PATH for Xamarin C:\Program Files (x86)\MonoDevelop

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