How do I link Two pages with PHP

I am making a website and in my website i have the very firstpage which is just plainly a login page. Now all i have to do is validate users loging using PHP but then i am stuck on how to link the second page to the the Login page so when the user logs in he is redirected to that page. I need Help on that end



Upon successfully logging in, you will likely want to redirect to the second page using a header redirection.

header( "Location: page2.php" );

if($login == true){

You have 2-3 ways to do it

IMPORTANT: You must to check login status in all.php files.

1. redirect after login

You'll send header after login, but dont forget about ob_start()

if($login) { // your condition
 header('Location: page2.php');
2. if/else inclusion variant
if(!$loged) {
//show login page
} else {
 include('page2.php'); // or do smth other
3. check login in every page

include in every page 'login.php' same as if/else variant.

<?php //page2.php
if(!$logged) {
 include 'login.php'; 
} else {

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