Extend an existing attribute getter in rails model

i have a problem using acts_as_textiled and has_foreign_language plugins together.

TextElement my model in my app

class TextElement < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_foreign_language :value
    acts_as_textiled :value


def has_foreign_language(*args)
    args.each do |field|
        # Define the Getter
        define_method(field.to_s) do


def acts_as_textiled(*attributes)
  attributes.each do |attribute|
    define_method(attribute) do |*type|

Both plugins use define_method and which ever way round i call the mixins in TextElement the latter overrides the getter previously defined.

Is there a way to save the existing getter and call that in the newly defined getter? similar to using super if they were inherited.

I have forked these plugins so all is fair game there.

All help appreciated.


Alternatively you can rewrite these two using alias_method_chain.

def some_class_method_that_overrides(*columns)
  columns.each do | c |
    overriden_name = if instance_methods.include?(c)
      alias_method_chain(c.to_sym, "extra")
    define_method(overriden_name) do ...

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