Refactoring help…property-based object or lots of member fields?

I'm currently refactoring a class which currently looks something like this:

 class SomeModel {
    private String displayName;
    private int id;
    private boolean editable;
    private int minimumAllowedValue;
    private int maximumAllowedValue;
    private int value;
    // etc. etc.... a bunch (10+) of other fields...

    // and then tons of setters and getters for these fields, some of the
    // setters have restrictions depending on other settings, like you can't
    // set the maximum lower than the minimum, etc.
    // ...

My question is: is this really the best way to go or should I refactor all these fields into more of a property-based structure (with simply two methods setProperty and getProperty)?

Another possible refactoring would be to extract "properties" belonging together into classes of their own, such as the max/min structure into an "AllowedRange" object or something.



Don't do it. It's fine.

In the future just use an IDE like Eclipse to autogenerate Javabean classes, properties and/or getters&setters in a few clicks so that you don't need to type all those code down again and again.

  • You can take a look at BeanProperties - it supports constraints, events, etc.
  • Also check Project Lombok
  • You can have a Map and a bunch of constants as keys and use the setProperty to impose some of the limits. Or even to register validators.
  • If this object is supposed to be manipulated by other tools/frameworks (spring, hibernate, etc), then of course this refactoring is not an option - it should conform to the JavaBeans spec
  • ultimately, why do you need to refactor it in the first place? Isn't it doing its job well?

Of the fields you listed, I would - as you suggest - refactor minimumAllowedValue and maximumAllowedValue into a Range class, then replace them with, say, allowedRange. If I started to see that value and its allowedRange were a common pattern, I might move on to, say, a BoundedValue class. It's impossible, without seeing all the other fields, to say what to do with them, but too many fields is definitely a smell. The solution depends on their inter-relatedness, but the min & max --> range and value & range --> boundedValue examples give you some idea of the kinds of techniques to apply.

Also, keep the Single Responsibility Principle in mind.

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