What is the threading class if I just want to test and set a flag in a threadsafe manner?

I just want to do a simple, though thread-safe, boolean test (and set) so:

if(myBoolean==false)   //should not lock/wait!

I considered the following (although possibly incorrectly, so please correct me where I misunderstood)

  • using the Lock { if(myBoolean)... } construct seems like a overkill way to do it. And, it also locks the thread while it waits for the lock to become free. I don't want this.
  • The AutoResetEvent class does have a concept of a boolean state, but it is used to signal another thread which is waiting. So not relevant in my case
  • Semaphore class has a notion of a reference count (probably to throttle the amount of access to a resource?). So probably not what I'm after.
  • Mutex class. As far as I understood, this is the same principal as the Lock primitive

Anyone have an idea what is the class/construct to do this in an efficient manner?


Consider Interlocked.CompareExchange.

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