How is the performance of entity framework 4 vs entity framework 3.5?

I have one query on my page that takes at least a half second to execute using EF 3.5. When I used a stored procedure the speed was noticably faster. It is a very complex query. Will there be any performance improvements in the upcoming EF 4.0? And does EF 4.0 really beat out 3.5 performance wise?


The short answer is it's too early to tell. The .Net guys are focusing almost entirely on performance until the release on April 12th has to be finalized and localized. Also, what is meant by faster? Faster can be viewed in many ways, for example:

  • Entity Framework 4.0 has new features, the object tracking improvements alone may mean huge wins since you're not doing that manual work any case, at least the development's faster.
  • If it didn't work at all before, lighter weight objects with POCO support may mean a lot less memory being shifted when dealing with lots of objects as well. No matter how small the cost of extra properties being populated when fetching from the DB, there is a cost both in instantiating and tracking them (load time and memory consumption).

In your specific case, a half second is a long time for anything but a very complex or high volume query...have you looked to see how much time is spent in the database and how much time is spent once .Net has the data? If you're spending most of your time outside of SQL then yes, the base improvements in reflections in Net 4.0 should provide you some speed improvement...however if you're spending all your time in SQL, it won't help much at all. The bulk of your performance problem may be indexing of the generated SQL and not Entity Framework hydration performance.

I would follow Kane's comment, look at the SQL it's generating for your query, is it possible for you to post this and the stored procedure that is quick so we can maybe find where the problem lies?

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