Search problem in mysql query

I have some problem regarding the search in mysql. Below is my query.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE name LIKE "%admin\'s%";

When i am executing this query it will return zero data.

actually i have "admin\'s" stored in db. this "\" is to prevent sql injection. i have used mysql_real_escape_string to prevent the sql injection.

but when i use three times addslashes to my variable it works.

So my below query is working.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE name LIKE "%admin\\\\\\\'s%";

My above query will return the data with name like admin's.

I am not getting where i am wrong.




well for one you shouldnt have data like this in your DB admin\'s .. most likely you double escaped your string ( check if you don't have magic_quotes enabled on your server ).

If you only do

INSERT ... username = "admin\'s";

you will have in your db the username value admin's so my recomandation would be to go ahead and remove the slashes from your database and then your first query should work.

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