Is there a way to reference a variable from an external document with PHP?

I wanted to use PHP do do a little thing, but I needed to know how to get a variable from an external document (say external.php) and use it in a function in a PHP document (internal.php). I was thinking maybe something like this:

Code for external.php

$variable = "true";

Code for internal.php

if ($GETFROM{'/external.php'}['variable']) 
echo "It worked";

Is there any possible way to do something like this?


If you want to include a specific value from an include file directly into a variable in your current document, you can also include a PHP file which returns the value.

For example:


    return "Hello, world!";


    $var = include "inc.php";

    if(isset($var) && !empty($var)) {
        echo "It worked!\n";
        echo "Value: {$var}";
    else {
        echo "It failed!";

Use the include function for that. In internal.php

include 'external.php';
    echo "It worked";

Note: This is great for configuration files or loading of classes or helper functions, but try to avoid too many includes in random places in your sourcecode. This can make your code very hard to read.

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