Rails application templates

I am starting to learn Ruby on Rails. I have an application in mind that I would like to create, but I know I'm going to have to repeat a lot of the things that have already been done a million times (such as user authentication, etc).

I just found out about rails templates. From what I understand, you can use one of these templates to create a new rails application and set up a lot of the basics. Where can I find some of the most popular templates, and should I use one of them?


Andrew, if you are starting to learn RubyOnRails and have an application in mind, I suggest you DO NOT use any templates at all and do it by hand.

Rails templates primarily pull in gems and other external dependencies (plugins) into your app. The primary benefit of templates is for people who build so many Rails apps so often that they'd like to get bootstrapped really quickly.

You would learn more and feel much more confident about the whole process if you consciously chose the plugins/gems you need and progressively added them to your app.

Devise (popular authentication gem) goes so far to say, that if you are starting with Rails app, you should NOT use it.

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