Fiddler core, targetSession.fullUrl is not matching to the image url on the page

I am using Selenium webdriver, c# bindings and fiddler core. I am using fiddler core to get the response back from the image on the page of the application.

At the moment while I can output the targetSession.fullUrl for the url and the targetSession.status, for some reason its not matching for a logic test.

I'm out of ideas at the moment about why this is not working.

// Hook up the event for monitoring proxied traffic.
FiddlerApplication.AfterSessionComplete += delegate(Session targetSession)
    // Outputs the image url along with the other resources
    Console.WriteLine("Requested resource from URL {0} responseCode {1}",
    targetSession.fullUrl, targetSession.responseCode);

    // does output the one item with an response code that is not 200
   if (targetSession.responseCode != 200)
    Console.WriteLine("Incorrect Status: {0}, {1}, {2} ", targetSession.fullUrl, 
    targetSession.responseCode, targetSession.RequestMethod);

   // neither of these match the image url
   if (targetSession.fullUrl == targeturl && targetSession.responseCode == 200)
    Console.WriteLine("Image is present: " + targetSession.fullUrl);
   else if (targetSession.fullUrl == targeturl && targetSession.responseCode != 200)
    Console.WriteLine("Image is not present: " + targetSession.fullUrl + 


What are the expected and actual results? Did you maybe forget to enable HTTPS decryption? Did you check to see whether the URL on the page does a HTTP/3xx redirect to a different image?

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