Admob or Ad plugin for Android available for Cordova/Phonegap 3.3?

I need to implement ads on an application but all of the ad plugins I have found are for earlier versions of PhoneGap. Are there any available for 3.3? If not, will the older plugins work for 3.3? (maybe with some modification?) thanks!

EDIT/SOLUTION: I posted a related question and eventually found a solution for anyone in need of help with this same issue. A detailed solution for implementing Admob in Cordova 3.3 is listed in the question under a final edit I made: AdMob plugins compatible with PhoneGap 3.4?


This plugin maintained by aliokan should work in 3.3.0

It was updated to be compatible with PhoneGap 3.0 some 5 months ago, since then there has been no changes to the way plugins are written. So it should work fine.

However if you are wanting to submit your app to Google Play store, they are few small changes to make but nothing overly complicated as mentioned by this user

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