mysql condition inside IN clause

Hi I am writing mysql/oracle database query to support select all for in clause my query goes something like this

SELECT * FROM country
country_id in( IF('test' = 'test',(1,2,3),true) )

If condition ('test' = 'test') is true then it should fire query like

SELECT * FROM country WHERE  country_id in(1,2,3)

Else it should fire query

 SELECT * FROM country WHERE  country_id in(true)


You can use test as variable here, if test1 = test2 then country_id will be in (1,2,3) else there will be no limited for country_id:

SELECT * FROM country
WHERE ((test1 = test2 and country_id in(1,2,3))or
        test1 <> test2)

You can do this with basic boolean logic. What you are doing is equivalent to:

FROM country
WHERE country_id in (1,2,3) or 'test' <> 'test';

(Note: I am not testing for NULL on 'test' because it is a literal value. If this is really a variable that can take on a NULL value, you would have to take that into account as well.)

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