Copy file from linux to remote windows machine using staf

Assumming the following error is because the same path on local system does not exist on the remote system. Is there a way to specify an alternative path to save on remote system?

[root@linuxsystem mydir]# staf local FS COPY FILE /root/scripts/tests/script.bat TOMACHINE remoteVM
Error submitting request, RC: 17
Additional info

Error information:

17  File Open Error
This indicates that there was an error opening the requested file.
Some possible explanations are that the file/path does not exist, contains invalid characters, or is locked.

Note: Additional information regarding which file could not be opened may be provided in the result passed back from the submit call. 


Found correct command:

staf local FS COPY FILE /root/scripts/tests/script.bat TODIRECTORY "C:\" TOMACHINE remoteVM

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