Renaming in IAR Embedded Work Bench

Is it possible to rename workspaces or projects? I am using 6.5_2 (although I have full versions of previous releases 4.0, 6.0)


To rename a workspace, but keep the projects in it all the same name as before, just simply rename the .eww file.

Since IAREWB doesn't actually provide the functionality to specifically rename a project, a work-around is required. What I do when trying to rename a workspace and it's associated project, I do this...

  1. Copy Template.ewp (the project file) and rename the copy to say NewProject.ewp
  2. Open Template.eww
  3. Select Project->Add Existing Project...
  4. Select NewProject.ewp and press Open
  5. Select the "Template" tab at the bottom of the Workspace view
  6. Right-click the project and select Remove
  7. Close IAREWB, it will ask you to save the workspace, do that.
  8. Rename the .eww, ewd to NewProject.eww, NewProject.ewd (and .dep if you have it)
  9. Delete Template.ewp

You should then be able to open NewProject.eww as a completely renamed workspace and project.

If you want to only rename a project and keep the workspace the same name, only do steps 1-7

Hope that helps. and Good luck!

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