Kyotocabinet and Scala(Java): Limit of DB files open?

I write scala application that use a lot of Kyotocabinet Db files (i need to open 500-3k little kyotocabinet files at one time). But after 512 opened (created) db files i have a error "Error:success: no error", and new db file does not created. After googling i found similar problem with Tokyo Cabinet + Java here:!msg/tokyocabinet-users/ve6OsRm_hyU/hXC7795iqPsJ but without solution. So what's the deal ? How can i open more kyotocabinet files in one application ? May be there is a some bug in Kyotocabinet ?


Ok it seems that i found the answer for my question... This is not a Java or Scala specific issue but a Kyotocabinet First i try to reproduce this behaviour in another language. So i writed test program using Perl , and it fails too, but with more informative message: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error' what(): pthread_key_create

After that got sources of kyotocabinet and researched that for every kyoto File() object special TSDKey object created, and this object create pthread_key. By default one process can create limited number of this keys, and this number defined in PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX. So it seems that open more than 512 kyoto db files in one process is not possible :(

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