After using mod_proxy the web application is no more accessible from other computer

I used apache proxy support in tomcat to remove the port number from url. Here is what I did,

In http.conf file I added LoadModule proxy_module ProxyPass /alfresco http://localhost:8080/alfresco ProxyPassReverse /alfresco http://localhost:8080/alfresco

In server.xml file of tomcat <Connector port="8080" ... proxyPort="80"/> (I didn't give proxy name)

Now I am able to access the web application using http:\\localhost/alfresco in my machine. But when I try this from other machine in my lan using http:\\machine1\alfresco I am getting page cannot be displayed error. But if I try http:\\machine1 I am getting It works page of apache. What went wrong?

Previously I am able to use the application from other machine.


I removed the proxy port="80" in server.xml file and now its working

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